We attempt to make every guest and child that comes to the ranch feel welcome and embraced. We are available to answer any questions, give information and pray with those who desire it. We look forward to meeting you, serving you however we are able and introduce you to the wonderful creatures that call Home Safe home!

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Important information (please read)!

There are many different activities used in sessions, including games, introductions with one of the horses (based on the guidance of the Holy Spirit), light farm chores, spending time with a horse in natural horsemanship-based learning activities and riding.

All activities at the ranch are weather-dependent and are chosen at the discretion of the session leader through prayer and guidance from the Lord. Because we have activities that can be done inside, we do not cancel sessions because of weather. In extreme cases, such as lightening, severe wind, hail or heat, sessions may be postponed for the safety of the child and the animals.

Children are required to wear closed-toed shoes at all times. Crocs, sandals and sneakers are not acceptable ranch shoes. For children participating in sessions, they must wear long pants, bring or wear sunscreen, bring water, and bring layers of warmer clothing during colder days. We recommend that each child also come with a snack. (Please note, outside snacks for the horses is not permitted!)

We also require that a parent or legal guardian remain on-site during his or her child’s session, though the session will take place exclusively with one instructor, one child and one horse. The ranch offers a comfortable waiting area for parents and guardians to wait for their child to finish the session.

Session Cost

By the grace of God alone, Home Safe Horses will always offer its programs completely free. From the first session to the last, until the Lord tells us that our work here is done, all sessions with the children will remain forever free. The ranch will depend on the financial and ancillary support of those who believe in the work the Lord is doing here, through the ranch’s incredible horses, for the benefit and sake of the children we are blessed to serve.

In essence, we believe the sessions should and shall remain free for all because the Gospel is free for all who are called to seek it. If there are children in our communities that seek a session here, they should never be barred from receiving it because of cost.

Requirements for Participation

Our session program is available for kids ages 6 to 18. Occasional exceptions are made based on individual circumstances. The only true requirement of participation is that the child wants to come to the ranch. This indicates an open heart that is willing to receive and learn.

Home Safe Horses understands that every child deals with their own set of unique challenges. Because of this, our session leaders listen to the Holy Spirit and follow Him toward meeting the individual needs of every child for every session.

Session Availability

Each month there is a finite number of sessions available at Home Safe Horses. This motivates us to do our best to accommodate as many kids as possible. Participants who are not able to receive a session slot are encouraged to try again the following month—and—come and serve others by volunteering at the ranch. It is our hope to see healing, redemption and personal growth through those who come to give as we do in those who come to be served.

To participate in any ranch activities, we require that ​each child​ on the property ​have a current release form signed by t​heir legal guardian.​

For safety, we require participants to:

  • Wear shoes or boots with closed toes and closed heels — shoes or boots should have little or no tread and a heel. Please let us know in advance if your kids do not have this type of footwear and we will do our best to provide it.
  • Wear long pants for riding.
  • Shirts need to be long enough to not expose the midriff.
  • Riding helmets are required and provided.
  • All necessary tack is also provided.

We recommend that participants:

  • Bring your own water bottles and sunscreen.
  • Wear layered clothing for ever-changing weather.​
  • If any clothing/equipment issues arise when families arrive for a session, we will do our best to resolve them on site or reschedule for another time.

Parent and Legal Guardian Information

We require that a child’s parent, guardian, or approved caretaker be on the ranch property—at all times—during their child’s session. Adults, siblings and friends who are not scheduled in a session have some options during this 60-minute timeframe. These options include:

Joining our volunteer team: In part, the ranch continues to serve families free of charge because of the faithful hands of our volunteers. This united team helps us develop, build and maintain what the ranch property is today. We seek to keep maintaining, improving and refining all that has been entrusted to us.

We seek the opportunity to help families grow by working side by side. “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35).

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